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Kathy Watson - Swift

Kathy began her life with the Lord at the age of eighteen in 1969; She visited a Pentecostal church with a young man who in just a few months would become her late husband of 21 years. She became a wife, Pastor’s wife and mother of three during those 21 years.  All three children, two sons and a daughter serve the Lord today as men and women dedicated to the ministry. While attending a women’s conference in November of 1973, Kathy knew God was calling her to become a minister herself, to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and someday go to Africa.

Many adventures would come during those next thirty five years before going to Africa. Years of serving the Church of God as a Pastor’s wife, an Evangelist, State women’s leader, Children’s Pastor, Children’s Evangelist, Women’s Speaker, Teacher and Trainer of Lay Leadership, Education and Family Pastor as well as a MIP assistant Leader and Trainer which equipped men and women for the Ministry.  Whatever door God opened, in the business world or in the Church world, Kathy was willing to walk through it and do her part.


Kathy is a graduate from Lee University and has taught at the Junior College level as well as Discipleship Bible College in Kenya. She has served the Church of God in many different ways throughout her lifetime.  For many years Kathy has taught and served a key speaker for youth camps and State functions such as women’s retreats and conferences. She has served her communities as a leader in different city organizations, held offices in Women’s Aglow, professional business women’s organizations and other noteworthy groups.  She founded her own non-profit organization in 1994 called Freedom House Ministries, Inc. which provided “Get Aways” for many leaders within the body of Christ who were hurting, bruised or broken, for the first 12 years.  During that time Kathy also served the Assemblies of God as one of the first Pre-School Pastors across the denomination.  She saw God birth a ministry of small children that encompassed not only children but the entire family. This ministry became a resource for the national Assemblies of God Churches in the US.


She assisted her late husband for 15 years with the MIP program, teaching, training and equipping new men and women in Ministry. Kathy is also known as a Child Evangelist as she teaches enthusiastically with her beloved “Timmy the Turtle” puppet.  For over 39 years she has been motivating individuals to become active for Children’s Ministry in the local church in the United States as well as across the world.

Kathy Watson-Swift is the founder of: Freedom House Ministries, Inc. FHM is a 19 year old non-profit organization which has taken thousands of dollars’ worth of goods to orphans in Africa, assisted many young people and adults with education, taught life skills to widows and has been an avenue for countless thousands to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Kathy is a published author. She worked in the business world for 30 years as well as in ministry at the same time. Her motivational speaking has provided many with a new challenge to pursue their future with determination. She is known wherever she goes as a “Mother” to many because of her enthusiastic love for the Lord and people.   She holds an honorary Doctorate awarded to her for the many years of ministry experience she has given to countless thousands.

After waiting nearly 35 years, Africa became a reality in 2005.  She moved there and has worked in Africa for the last several years.  Her drive and heart is to educate, train and equip leaders to the importance of Children’s Ministry. Being a mother and grandmother, she understands the need for children to grow up in the knowledge of Jesus loving care. As a storyteller for children over 38 years, she teaches with enthusiastic hands on methods and with her beloved “Timmy the Turtle” puppet. Children and Adults of all ages hear the message that they can become who God wants them to be regardless of living conditions.

Kathy works with many missionaries and churches helping coordinate seminars, crusades and teaching sessions as well as has a project in the interior of Kenya. This small community has begun to experience hope in a hopeless setting through entrepreneur life skill programs, enhancing the agriculture and providing food on a daily basis for over4000 meals each month, (children, widows and single parents). Her ministry of helping others who are hurting totally supports over 40 young people in school, primary through college age. Her heart is to see young people mentored and grow in the Lord becoming “Mighty Warriors” that will make an impact for God TODAY and in the years to come.

After spending the last several years living in Kenya working with so many wonderful people she still oversees this program, but has also established a group of individuals to staff and oversee the feeding program in Kenya so that she can branch out with other ministry adventures. 

A new adventure began unexpectedly in September of 2011.  She attended a mandatory missionary meeting while on furlough in the United States and there met a man by the name of Christian Swift.  God quickly blended their hearts and thoughts but there remained a vast difference of where they worked. Nonetheless, in September of 2012, Kathy accepted Chris’s hand in marriage and moved to Western Europe. 


Today she continues the Kenya project through locals where approximately 1000 orphans, widows and others are fed every week. Her non-profit organization, Freedom House Ministries, Inc., continues to equip the young through education as well as provides necessary clothing and medical attention when it is needed.


Once again, God is calling Kathy to new places and people groups she has never known.  Women and children continue to be her main focus as she now serves the COG as the Regional Western European Women’s Ministry Director.  Her heart’s cry has always been and continues to be “People need the Lord” and through His Love, lives are changed.  She looks forward to seeing the fresh wind of the Holy Spirit encourage, lift up, equip and call “Warriors” from among the people she ministers to on a daily basis but especially, young people.  Today is the day of salvation. Kathy is ready to take back what the enemy has stolen in lives throughout the countries of Western Europe as well as in Africa.

Kathy Watson - Swift
Director of Women's Ministries and Christian Education

It was during the early years of ministry that Kathy was asked to help write the first National Joy Belle program for the International Church.  She had already been a key in beginning several Young Ladies Groups throughout the state of Illinois and now would assist in the smaller girl’s age group.  The inspiration was the beginning of her personal writing career, which has continued until today.  She is an accomplished writer of articles, poetry, short stories and Children’s material including a recent publication for children.

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