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Women's Ministry​

"Missionary Minded and United - The Women of Western Europe!"


Women across Western Europe have recognized their worth as "Vessels of the King." Together, they are winning the harvest In their communities, within their families, at church serving in many different roles, as well as, on the internet and through social media. 

2020 brought confinement but opportunities to be creative in outreach. 



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Today's woman is aware that ministry must go beyond the four walls of the church.  Western European COG ladies are purpose driven; prepared to extend their hands to the needy whether it is in body, mind or spirit. Bible studies, Life learning programs for the busy woman (at home or at work), the balancing act for budgets and family, A Cup for One (coffee and a chat), coping with stress or distress and reaching the youth of today are just some of Women's Ministries concerns across Western Europe.  Meeting people where they are, identifying with their needs and placing emphasis on Jesus Christ, the answer for today's unrest. We want to help reach, teach, love and equip lives through the local church ministry and beyond, all for the Kingdom of God

Click Bottom Right Corner of Video for Sound.

Click Bottom Right Corner of Video for Sound.

Pastor's Wife - Annie Dibling

Paris, France

A Powerful Song of Worship to Unite Us All!

Women of Western Europe Worshipping Our God in Spirit and in Truth!


Children & Youth Ministry

For more information, contact Bishop Jean Tshiteya, Western

European Youth and Christian Discipleship Director at


The Church of God in Western Europe is founded upon the Word of God and the principle of education for all. Through the various programs within the church, children, youth and adults gain knowledge that will better equip them for today's societal challenges from a Biblical perspective. This includes specialized School of Ministry Programs training at the local church level (LLD, Lay Leadership Development) and the more advanced CIMS, CAMS, and MIP courses.

Higher education is provided for at the FFTB seminary in Brussels, Belgium, offering French language courses leading to a B.A. in Theological and Ministry Studies and at the ETS in Germany, offering B.A. and M.A. degrees in Theological and Ministry Studies.

Education for today's church leaders is vital to help them embrace the changes in our society as well as within the church itself. From the Sunday School classroom of children to the advanced groups of adult studies, education is important to all cultures and creates better prepared people for the Lord's work today! Start today and grow in His Knowledge of the Word!

Leadership Training

Various special seminars and conferences are held throughout the year in countries within the region (please see Calendar)

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