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Whether missions is promoted by an individual country or by a local congregation, this is the very heart of God and our people across Western Europe.

Some of the Missions projects that are actively being supported within our region are listed below:


Luxembourg: For many years, churches have given to Romania; helping to feed, educate and provide training to the people there. Another project became the heartbeat of one individual within the Oasis congregation. She felt God mobilizing her to inspire many others, within and without the church walls, to provide Samaritan Christmas Shoeboxes for children in an impoverished country. Last year, 1400 shoeboxes were collected and sent to a child in need. It has been an amazing journey that even businesses are becoming involved in.



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Donations given to the Church Of God Western Europe will be used for church planting, education, leadership training, or ongoing operational and emergency needs that may arise in the Western European region.




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France: The church in extends their hands to train and equip in the African country of Chad. Teams have gone to stand side by side the local people and ministry, assisting them to know more about Gods word and methods of growth within their own churches.

Belgium: During the last twelve years, the congregation of the New Jerusalem Church in Brussels has built a new hospital in Kinshasa, Congo. Under the vision and direction of the Pastor / Overseer of Belgium, Bishop Dr. Martin Mutyebele, his congregation has persevered through many difficulties and huge efforts to make this hospital become a reality. Today, this new facility with up-to-date medical equipment provides a clean environment where care is administered to many different people of this war-torn country through the excellent medical staff that gives of themselves daily. Lives are being saved, both physically and spiritually because of a “Vision for Missions."


Western Europe: Another long term mission project lies within the remote area of aids and TB in a village of Kenya. The Superintendent’s wife, Kathy, began to feed a few children out of her yard while living in Kenya in a remote interior area years ago. Feeding and educating children in the village of Lela, Kenya, continues on after ten years. Because of her vision and the gifts of love, support and faithfulness through others, this mission project has seen countless lives changed, encouraged, educated and dedicated to the Lord.

Widows, youth, children, the small school and even those in the entire village have seen changes that only God could have done. How? Through people giving around the world and in the Western European region. There has been an amazing turn of life there since children now eat a balanced diet every day. Even the government of Kenya has provided a complete new building with electricity to the school because of the continued progress they have seen in the lives of the small children that attend in the last ten years.


Through donations to missions, a cookhouse building and a beautiful church building
have been built. Meeting the needs of people’s lives, both physically and spiritually is a commandment in God’s word. Disciples are made, not born, by our example of loving others and teaching the word of God. Giving to others through missions is key to the growth and expansion of the Kingdom in our own lives as well as within the church body of today (more information at

It is our hope that you have been inspired by reading these accounts of some of the different mission projects supported by Western European churches and countries. We pray that you may want to help in some way with support on a monthly basis or a one-time donation. You may give to the Western European missions programs through our secure PayPal button on this page. Thank you for changing your mindset and helping others beyond your own boundaries of living.

Chris  & Kathy Swift​

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